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AFS Engineering is an innovative company specializing in the field of fluid measurement, distinguished by its expertise in sensor engineering. Built on a principle of constant innovation, our company positions itself as an emerging leader in the industry, thanks to its latest revolutionary product.

Our most recent achievement is the design of an innovative sensor that can be installed on any fluidic oscillator or vortex available on the market, offering unparalleled flexibility to industries seeking to optimize their fluid measurement processes. This versatile solution, developed by our team of talented engineers and physicists, allows easy adaptation to various environments and applications while ensuring exceptional precision.

3 functional fluidic oscillators

We can offer you 3 functional fluidic oscillator prototypes.

One of the prototypes has been developed entirely in-house. It is called the FLOWACE.

The other two are existing devices on the market that operate with the AFS Engineering sensor.

A vortex in the testing phase 

The sensor we offer also works on vortex flowmeters. We currently have a device in the test phase. This sensor offers high performance at very low cost.

The Skills to develop an ultasonic flowmeter

AFS Engineering also has the expertise to develop an ultrasonic flowmeter. In fact, our developers have the skills, capacity and experience to design and build a device that will be able to meet the needs of our customers.

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Our diverse and highly skilled team at Alternative Flow Sensor Engineering consists of talented professionals dedicated to excellence and innovation. With a varied composition of skills, we are ready to tackle the complex challenges in the field of fluid measurement.